image001“Angel Blessed”,  original stained glass piece completed December, 2014; signed

Second in the Celtic Cross Series.

While men and women stand equal before God, women have traditionally played foundational roles as the life-givers and family leaders in many Christian cultures.  An early symbol of the pre-Christian Sun God, Taranis, more recent mythology claims the Celtic Cross was introduced by St.  Patrick to the first Christian converts during the time he spent in what is now Ireland.   Over time it has evolved to become an important icon representing the convergence of higher Christian values with the life-sustaining Sun as the critical pathway to spiritual and physical well-being.

In this 2nd in the Celtic Cross Series, Ryan merges the life-giving symbol of the Sun taken from the more traditional Celtic Cross images with a contemporary feminine depiction of the Cross.  In this piece, Ryan has solidly anchored the cross to the foot of the frame, giving the central cross a sense of stability, but he has softened the lines of the cross to offer a more free-flowing and compassionate feel to the piece.  He illuminates this piece with bright yellow glass to bring focus to the life-giving rays of the Sun and the feminine imaging of the cross.  The variety of blues composing the cross associates the feminine imagery with trust, loyalty, faith, truth and heaven.

Size:  14” x 18″, frameable

Available For Sale:  $450

Commissionable to Customer Specifications

Contact: Ryan Testoni, 412-527-7182