gallery9“Manatees”Original stained glass piece completed August, 2014; signed and dated

These roly-poly inhabitants of tropical inland waters are the Teddy Bears of the Sea.  Despite their size, these large but graceful, slow-moving mammals are a regular sight off Florida coastal areas and in the rivers feeding the world’s warm water Oceans.  All three species of Manatees are considered vulnerable, facing high risk of extinction in the wild.  Herbivores weighing up to 1,200 pounds, they spend about half of each day grazing about 10% of their body weight.  Evolving from the same land animals as Elephants over 50 million years ago, it is likely that Christopher Columbus and other early explorers mistakenly thought Manatees were mermaids and other mythological sea inhabitants.

Ryan has honored these beautiful sea creatures by creating an original stained glass piece.  Commissioned by an avid admirer of Manatees, Ryan has framed two Manatees in their habitat of warm blue seas among the natural sea grasses upon which they feed.  Using warm tropical colors and soft gray hues to compose the Manatees, Ryan captured the seemingly cuddly and friendly nature of these under water behemoths.

Size:  19″ x 16″

Commissioned Piece:  SOLD. Frameable

Similar Pieces Commissionable for any customer desired animal or sea creature

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