IMG_3986“Pittsburgh Penguins in Glass”, Original stained glass piece completed February, 2015; signed and dated

Any fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins Professional Hockey Team will want this one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted stained glass piece to proudly display in their man-cave or as a centerpiece in their sports memorabilia collection.  While the logo is familiar to any Pittsburgh’er, Ryan has carefully selected the glass to assemble and contrast the Penguin Mascot Player, assuring light passing through the prisms of color will make anyplace sparkle like the ice on which team plays hockey.  There are purple-blues to capture the background image of ice on which the team plays, the greens in the triangle are reminiscent of the shape of the City of Pittsburgh formed by the confluence of the Three Rivers at the Point, and black and brownish-gold glass brings the team colors into focus.  The entire piece is framed in smoke tainted glass to remind viewers of the long history the Pittsburgh Penguins have as an integral part of the Steel Production community from which Pittsburgh Penguins Fans are drawn.

Size:  20″ x 26-1/2″

Available For Sale:  $525, frameable

Commissionable in a variety sizes

Contact Ryan Testoni at 412-527-7182