gallery5“Sea of Blooms”,  original stained glass piece completed December, 2011; signed

Within the artists personal collection of his own stained glass work is this Tiffany Style Art Glass Window.  As the title of the piece reveals, this symmetrical design depicts the borders and features of a floral garden in full bloom.  Composed with eight equal sized panels, the piece demands the viewer to recognize the order and structure associated with a formal garden, the likes of which can be found in gardens throughout the world.  The entire scene takes place under pale blue skies with a hint of soft-billowing clouds to provide depth and contrast.  The yellow and orange-toned borders of the garden are a symbolic reminder of the Sun’s work to create this garden of floral life.  Branches of stemmed green leaves emanating from the borders draw your eye to the emerging blooms yet to take center stage, finally discovering the floral rose in full bloom dominating the center of the piece.  The symmetry and combination of soft but vibrant color composing the piece brings serenity and relaxation, almost as if you are walking through this artful creation.

Similar to the approach used by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Ryan used opalescent glass in a variety of colors and textures to re-create a Tiffany-Style window using the “copper foil” technique.  This technique requires that each piece of cut glass be edged in copper foil before soldering the work into a unified piece, offering  great detail and depth to the finished window.  Ryan has complemented the work with a simple, hand-crafted dark wood frame also constructed by the artist.

Size:  14″ x 32″

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