gallery2“Spring Garden”,  original stained glass piece completed December, 2012; signed

One of the artist’s first ventures into abstract stained glass works, this piece entitled, “Spring Garden”, captures the excitement associated with the return of Spring after a long winters season.  Set against a background of the spring’s first burst of color emanating from fields of yellow daffodils, narcissus and jonquils, sprinkled with carefully placed rows of vivid red tulips, all of this placed against the melting of winter’s final snowfall.  The red circular feature on the left reminds viewers of the life-giving nature of the warming rays of the Sun in the spring, also resulting in melting snow to nourish new floral life from the soil.  Look carefully and you can imagine the trail of flight created by the seasons first Hummingbird in the top right quarter of the piece, returning from its winter migration to begin its harvest of floral nectar.   The entire piece is framed with earth tones as a reminder that Spring marks the end of earths dormant winter, exciting the beginning of a new season for plant life to re-establish its rightful place in the nurturing soil.

Size:  16″ x 26″,  frameable

Available For Sale:  $800

Commissionable to Customer Specifications

Contact: Ryan Testoni, 412-527-7182