gallery3An early symbol of the pre-Christian Sun God, Taranis, more recent mythology claims the Celtic Cross was introduced by St.  Patrick to the first Christian converts during the time he spent in what is now Ireland.   Over time it has evolved to become an important icon representing the convergence of higher Christian values with the life-sustaining Sun as the critical pathway to spiritual and physical well-being.  Much symbolism has been attributed to this widely-recognized cross, but it’s more common interpretation makes the cross indicative of the human desire to know and experience the unfolding of the mystery of life.  In some cultures, the Celtic Cross can also represent navigation, in effect a symbolic compass, guiding us through both the physical and spiritual sea of life.

I have tried to bring the Celtic Cross to a life with a series of stained glass pieces, each uniquely designed and carefully executed to illuminate and affirm both traditional and contemporary forms of the Cross.  The artistic intent of the collection is to present the cross in a variety of stained glass settings, drawing your eyes, focus and thoughts on a centered, symbolic pathway towards finding the right direction, setting your spirit on solid ground.  As you observe each of the pieces in the Series, think about what the color and shapes mean to your desire to know and experience Nature, Wisdom, Personal Direction and Self.

Look for the pieces in the following Blogs as they will be introduced as they are designed and completed.  Should you desire to create a Celtic Cross that will say something special to you, I am more than happy to assist you to bring meaning and life in the form of your own uniquely designed and artistically executed Celtic Cross.

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