Testoni Method


First, Ryan will meet with you either on the phone or in person to discuss your concept. Ryan works with you to design a custom piece of art or installation that will meet your needs and your tastes. You can bring images, inspirations or simply ideas, and he will provide sketches. Once a design is approved by you, Ryan will select glass types, colors and textures to create your one-of-a-kind design.


Once the design is approved and the glass styles, colors, and textures are chosen, Testoni goes to work at the studio. He begins by cutting the design out of paper, and sealing it to the glass sheets. He then cuts the shapes out of the glass individually and grinds the edges down. Testoni uses either copper or lead boning (depending on detail) and solders the design together.


Testoni seals the entire design with cement. This method makes the piece water tight and durable for generations. The piece does not need to set after cementing because it is already stabilized by the boning. Once the piece is completed, it can be framed as well as installed.